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Head of centre




Professor Irena Butrimienė


Rheumatologist since 1984, chief of Rheumatology Department – since 1995, Head of the Rheumatology Center since 2014. Defended doctoral thesisin 1990. Presented for the habilitation procedure an overview about autoimmune arthritis: etiology and pathogenesis investigations, new diagnostic and treatment methods and their evaluation,in 2008. Besides clinical work, prof. I. Butrimienė is involved in scientific research: the main interest fields are immune arthritis etiology and pathogenesis research as well as biological therapy for rheumatic diseases. Director of Rheumatology Centre at Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos since 2014. I. Butrimienė had a fellowship at Arthritis-Immunology Center of Pennsylvania University in Philadelphia, USA; at King‘s Hospital in London, England; at Djakonhemet‘s hospital, in Oslo, Norway; at Arthritis Foundation Hospital, in Heinola, Findland. Professor participated in rheumatology courses in Howard University, at Brigham, and Women‘s Hospital, in Boston, USA. I. Butrimienė is the author of 100 and more scientific as well as popular articles and methodological tools for teaching. She teaches the discipline of rheumatology in Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine since 1995, is supervising rheumatology residents and post-graduate students.Professor is active member of national and international working groups fordevelopingguidelinesondiagnosisandtreatment of rheumatic diseases. Prof. I.Butrimiene is the president of Organising Committee of annual international conference „Seminars in Rheumatology“ in Vilnius since 1993.

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