Ears, Nose and Throat center is in VUH SK, F wing, 3rd floor.

Address: Santariškių Str. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania,  LT- 08661

Phone: +37052365271 (department post), +37052365272 (doctor on duty);

Fax. +37052365270

E-mail: dalia.riaboviene@santa.lt; mindaugas.petrulionis@santa.lt

Consultations Ears, Nose and Throat consultancy rooms is in VUH SK, F wing, 3rd floor.

Tel. for information: +37052365164; +37052365159; +37052501412

Tel. for information about hearing aids: +37069771263.

E-mail: aiste.paskoniene@santa.lt

Tel. for out patient registration:  +37052365112; +37052501717

Last edited: 2021-12-28
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