Center of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), headed by prof. Eugenijus Lesinskas.

The center of ENT contains:

• ENT unit (headed by assoc. prof. Mindaugas Petrulionis, Head Nurse Dalia Riabovienė)
• ENT Outpatient Department (headed by Aistė Paškonienė, PhD, MD).
• ENT Pediatric unit (headed by Virgilijus Sakalinskas, PhD, MD).

In ENT unit, not only planned surgical services for adults and children are provided, but also urgent help for patients from Vilnius and its surroundings. ENT Outpatient Department offers wide spectrum of consultations including voice analysis, audiometry and hearing aid adjustments, videoendoscopy, videofibroendoscopy, full vestibular system diagnostic tests such as VNG (SNY, caloric, rotation, oculomotor, provocative tests), vHIT, computerized posturography and etc. for ENT diseases diagnostics.

ENT department consists of 25 bed unit and 2 operating rooms with modern equipment (microscopes, videoendoscopes, laser, shavers, drills, computed tomography with navigation, telemedicine system etc.) and inspection room fitted with up-to-date diagnostic sets that provide a possibility of screen imaging and archiving endoscopic and videostroboscopic data.

All otorhinolaryngology fields in the center are expanded in clinical and scientific way. The main focus of this department is otology and otosurgery. Our center is one of the largest otosurgery centers in Baltic counties by experience, variety and number of operations per year. Over 500 complex ear surgeries are performed annually. The spectrum of the operations includes all reconstructive and hearing improvement operations (tympanoplasty, ossiculoplasty, stapedoplasty, cochlear implantation, ear revision surgery and other). VUH Santaros clinics ENT center is the major department in Lithuania where cochlear implantation surgery is performed, therefore deaf patients regain hearing. Our specialists not only perform those challenging operations, but also are often invited to consult and share their knowledge and experience in international scientific events.

Surgery of nose and paranasal sinuses is another important clinical field of VUH ENT center. Comprehensive spectrum of endoscopic minimally invasive and expanded modern operations are performed such as: total ethmoidectomy, extirpation of nasal, paranasal sinus and skull base tumours, dacryocystorhinostomy and orbital decompression, closed and open septorhinoplasty.

Managing voice diseases and larynx surgery also take a significant place in VUH ENT center. Voice diseases are diagnosed by modern aerodynamic and acoustic voice measurements: electroglottography, laryngoscopy, stroboscopy and videolaringoscopy.

Though major focus of ENT unit is complex endoscopic and microscopic operations, ordinary otorhinolaryngology services and operations are provided here. Adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, septoplasty or uvulopalatoplasty operations are performed daily. Approximately 3000 patients are treated and 2500 of them are being operated in ENT unit annually.

In ENT Outpatient Department 10 000 patients are consulted, 5000 audiological tests are done and about 600 hearing aids are adjusted annually.
Cochlear implantation programme in Lithuania started in 2005. The number of implantations raises every year, as a result 25-30 operations of cochlear implantations are performed annually. Other implantable hearing aids (BAHA, Vibrant sound bridge) operations are performed since 2008. All those services are paid by National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health, therefore they are completely free for Lithuanian patients.

Endoscopic nose, paranasal sinuses and skull base surgery programme is rapidly improving and expanding working closely with neurosurgeons.

Laryngeal disease diagnostics and laser –assisted laryngeal tumour resection is at its initiative stage.
Scientific activity

Over the last 10 years in ENT clinic of Vilnius University 7 thesis for dissertations were maintained, prospective scientific researches were performed. Moreover we took part in over 20 clinical studies, several educational booklets were released and more than 50 articles were published in local and foreign journals of otorhinolaryngology.

Doctors of ENT center not only take part in Lithuanian and foreign otorhinolaryngology congresses, but also organise scientific events. 2 international, several republic conferences and international temporal bone surgery seminar were organised lately. ENT center collaborates closely with Lithuanian Otorhinolaryngology association (chairman prof. E. Lesinskas and majority of board members from Vilnius University Hospital Santaros clinics) in organizing conferences and educational trainings for doctors of the region.

Pedagogical activity

All students of medicine sciences acquire knowledge about diseases of ear, nose and throat by attending academic lectures and practical trainings in ENT clinic of Vilnius University, ENT center. Lectures and training courses are given for students of medical faculty, odontology, nursing, as well as for residents, and fellowship doctors. About 200 students as well as 6 residents, 2 ENT fellows study in the Center every year. Moreover, there are residents of other fields studying in the Center: odontology, maxillo-facial surgery, thoracic surgery, ophthalmology, general practice. Active students gather in Otorhinolaryngology club of Student Scientific Society. Here they discuss, practices and improves their knowledge of ENT diseases.

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