Every year about 1400 patients, suffering from severe internal diseases, are treated in the Centre of Internal Diseases  (58 beds). This department is unique in all republic, as it was established at multiprofile very high specialized university hospital. This is the reason why in this department patients are treated with polyopathology, fever of unknown origin, very severe  or atypical clinical course, with sepsis, lymphadenopathies, congenital trombophylia, systemic hemorrhagic syndrome, heart failure, diseases which are complicated in diagnostics or treatment. The  patients are hospitalized  not only from Vilnius region, but also from other localities in Lithuania.  To diagnose and manage these diseases is usually needed to use many VUH SK used very modern diagnostic and treatment technologies. Furthermore, there are often treated patients, having chronic diseases complicated with additional acute ilnesses. They often need qualified complex medical help. Besides this, doctors consult in VIP room (Santaros Medicine Centre), other therapeutic or surgic departments of VUH SK, as well as in intensive care units.
In internal Medicine cabinet at VUH SC Consultative Outpatient Department worked one doctor of internal medicine. The consultation office accepts patients with unclear diagnoses from all over the republic. The doctor evaluates the submitted tests, prescribes new diagnostic tests, prescribes additional consultations by medical specialists, adjusts the treatment, and in case of a complicated or unclear clinical situation - the patient is referred to the internal medicine department for inpatient treatment.
Last edited: 2021-07-20
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