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History of centre


Rehabilitation, Physical and Sports Medicine Centre (RPSM Centre) of Vilnius University Medical Faculty was established in 1991 in order to implement and develop science, education, fieldwork and practice. The work of all staff in our rehabilitation centre is organized according to cumulated experience of rehabilitation centers from Austria, Czech, Denmark, Iceland, USA, Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany. The specialists from these centers delivered lectures and taught our staff. General duration of courses is more than 24 months. More than 50 specialists from our centre had internship (traineeship) in foreign rehabilitation clinics. Modern rehabilitation techniques and methodologies are implemented in our rehabilitation centre, training and post graduating courses for rehabilitation specialists are carried out, and scientific work is pursued. Our centre is the first rehabilitation centre in the Baltic States, which was established in the University Hospital and began well-rounded complex rehabilitation for patients who sustained severe and complicated traumas (injuries) or suffered from neurological, cardio and other different severe diseases. Specialists of our rehabilitation centre are members of the ISCOS (International Spinal Cord Society), NoSCOS (Nordic Spinal Cord Society), BaSCOS (Baltic Spinal Cord Society), BNFPRM (Baltic Nordic sea forum of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine), ESPRM (European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine), and take active participation in these organizations. From year 2007   together 17 physicians of the Center are UEMS PRM certified, 4 PRM of care are accredited by Committee of Quality of UEMS PRM Section, the Center of Rehabilitation, Physical and Sports Medicine was accredited by UEMS PRM Board in 2009 too.

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