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Pedagogical activity


The Centre of Endocrinology is a training base of Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Oncology Clinic. Endocrinology knowledge is acquired by VU students of the Faculty of Medicine who study clinical medicine.

Endocrinology practice is held in the Centre of Endocrinology for the MF students. The staff of the Clinic has prepared a study programmme of Endocrinology for the fourth-year medical students. Student Scientific Society’s (Lith. Studentų mokslinė draugija SMD) endocrinology group is actively studying and doing scientific work.

Every year new doctors endocrinologists are prepared in the residency of endocrinology. In the Centre, an average of 140 students study over the year. In recent years doctors residents have been accepted in the residency of endocrinology on a regular basis.  The Centre also accepts residents from other majors of Internal Medicine studies to follow the residency programme.

Doctors endocrinologists and other internal medicine physicians from all over Lithuania come to the Clinic for regular professional development. They attend training courses on diabetes, thyroid and other endocrine diseases.

Currently Lect. A.Abraitienė, Assoc. Prof. V. Urbanavicius and Assoc. Prof. Ž. Visockienė work in the Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Oncology Clinic. Doctor S. Grigonis worked in the Clinic for a long time and now actively contributes to the teaching and training of students.

Doctors R. Žiūkaitė, R. Juškienė, L. Urbanavičienė, G. Naskauskienė , A. Bagdžiūnienė, and V. Dunauskas are the supervisors of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Oncology Clinic residents.

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