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Pedagogical activity


Centre of Neurology is a part of Clinic of Neurology and Neurosurgery in the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University. The centre of Neurology at VUH Santariškių Klinikos is the main place for practical teaching of neurology in Vilnius University.

In the Centre of Neurology these lectures are given:

  1. Course of Neurology (the 4th year medical students): about 150 student annually;
  2. Course of Neurology (the 4th year odontology students): about 30 students annually;
  3. Course of Elective Subjects: up to 15 students annually;
  4. Neurology for resident doctors;
  5. Neurological specialization cycles for various specialties postgraduate trainees;
  6. for Doctorate training in Neurology is provided.
Annually there are 20 residents in neurology in our centre, and 4 weeks cycle of neurology for more than 50 other specialties is given.
Annually there are 12 - 17 postgraduate physicians cycles (duration of 1-2 weeks); a few physicians are trained in clinical neurology and neurological functional investigations. In 2011 training was provided to over 40 physicians in the centre.
The employees of the centre contributed significantly in publishing textbooks: ”Clinical Neurology“ (the 1st and the 2nd editions in 2003 and 2009), ”Guide of Neurology to Practitioner“ (2004), ”Urgent Neurology“ (2011 m.), and in organizing international and local conferences or symposia. Since 2003 annual Summer Schools of Neurology based on the initiative of the centre of Neurology are organized.
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