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Annually 2800-3000 patients are treated in the in-patient department of Neurological Disorders, 16000-17000 consultations are provided in the out-patient department. 3000-4200 neurological functional tests are performed in the diagnostical department.

In the centre of Neurology complicated and difficult cases are diagnosed and treated. Modern treatment procedures and methods are used:

  • - intravenous and selective intra-arterial thrombolysis for stroke treatment, immunomodulating multiple sclerosis treatment, plasma exchange;
  • - botulin toxin injections are performed for focal dystonia and muscle spasticity;
  • - modern computerized investigations are performed to diagnose dementia (cognitive impairment);
  • - video monitoring for epilepsy and polysomnography for sleep disturbances, patients are selected for brain and vascular surgery and stenting.

Difficult cases are treated in the intensive care unit.

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