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History of centre


Neurology center

Neurology department (60 beds), head of the department...
Neurosurgical department (20 beds), Head of the department Dr. Robertas Kvascevicius, contact information: 869771388.
Psychiatry department.

Neurosurgical department opened its doors in 2014. Neurosurgeons are able to perform nearly all neurosurgical procedures and operations required however the main interest is skull base and complex cranial and spinal surgery. Multidisciplinary team is equipped with advanced instruments that allow developing minimal invasive and endoscopic neurosurgery. Doctors in the department teach medical students and nurses. Neurosurgeons deliver lectures and seminars for residents. Department takes part in neurosurgical residency training program. Neurosurgical residents work in the department as doctor’s assistants.

Modern neurological diagnostic procedures are available for the patient: extra cranial color duplex sonography, transcranial duplex scan and sonography, electroencephalography and long term EEG monitoring, electro neuro myography, evoked potential tests, CT, MRI, CTA and DSA, PET and functional MRI. Intraoperative neurosurgical technologies are available in the operation theater: ultrasound, neuro monitoring, neuro navigation system, intraoperative blood flow visualization and measurement.

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