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Departments, subdepartments and diseases


Abdominal Surgery consists of the 1st, 2nd (in the Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos) and 3rd (in the Vilnius University Hospital Centras branch) departments of abdominal surgery.

The 1st Department of Abdominal Surgery (34 hospital beds):


Head of the department – prof. E.Poškus

The 2nd Department of Abdominal Surgery (34 hospital beds):


Head of the department - Valdemaras Jotautas

 The 1st Operating theatre block: senior nurse T.Čalko.

All level II and III out-patient and in-patient abdominal surgery services are provided in the Centre of Abdominal surgery. Urgent and elective medical care is provided to the patients with abdominal surgical diseases, all types of modern surgical operations, including liver and pancreas transplantations, are performed. More than 5000 patients from all Lithuanian regions are operated in the Departments of Abdominal Surgery every year, including those, who were referred to the Centre due to various disease complications from other hospitals. After renovation in 1998 our Operating room Block became one of the most modern in Lithuania. It has ten operating theatres, which meet all modern world standards. Centre facilities, operating theatres’ and diagnostic equipment also meet modern world standards. This created necessary prerequisites to perform new surgical operations and procedures. It is the main hospital in East Lithuania region, concentrating on the treatment of severe and complicated patients, who are often transmitted from other Lithuanian regions.
The Centre always was and still remains to be a pioneer in introducing the methods of minimal invasive (laparoscopic) surgery and modern diagnostic and treatment technologies. The operations for gallstone disease, colonic and rectal cancer are mostly performed laparoscopically. Only in the Centre of Abdominal Surgery retroperitoneal endoscopic adrenalectomies, minimal invasive thyroid and parathyroid gland operations, single port operations and laparoscopic gastric banding operations for morbid obesity are performed. Combination of endoscopic and laparoscopic operations in the treatment of gastric and colonic polyps and other formations was started in cooperation with gastroenterologists.
We can proudly mention that hepatic, pancreatic and parathyroid gland transplantation is successfully developed in the Centre. Liver resections for hepatic cancer or metastatic tumours are also performed. The extensive experience in the treatment of echinococcosis led to the establishment of the Lithuanian Echinococcosis Registry in 2003, which was accepted as a member of European Echinococcosis Registry in 2004. Treatment of hepatic focal lesions using radiofrequency ablation and liver augmentation by embolisation and ligation of portal vein before complicated liver resections were introduced.

The results of the treatment of severe acute pancreatitis are among the best in Europe. It was achieved by fluent cooperation of abdominal surgeons, reanimatologists and radiologists. Nowadays minimally invasive methods are started to introduce for treatment of pancreatic disorders.

The Centre of Abdominal Surgery is the coordinator of the colonic cancer prevention program in Lithuania. Patients with all colorectal and perineal disorders are treated in the Centre:
– colorectal polyps,
– colorectal malignancies (cancers),
– haemorrhoids,
– anal tear,
– anal fistulas and acute paraproctitis,
– pilonidal sinus or cyst,
– rectal prolaps,
– colonic diverticulosis,
– obstipation,
– ulcerative colitis,
– Crohn’s disease and others.

The Centre is a pioneer in laparoscopic colon resections, laparoscopic pelvic operations in patients with constipations and prolapse, transanal microsurgery rectum operations (TEM) in Lithuania. A laboratory of functional coloproctology and perineology is establisched in the Centre and patients with chronic obstipation and fecal incontinence are investigated and treated there.
The day surgery is successfully provided for few years. The patients with gallstone disease, hernias, proctological diseases, colorectal polyps are coming to the hospital on the day of the operation and return home on the same or other day.

There is a section of endocrine surgery in the Centre and all endocrine operations are performed. The patients with benign and malignant thyroid diseases, all types of hyperparathyroidism can be treated there. Adrenal and pancreatic endocrine tumours are operated by means of minimally invasive methods.

Consultative out-patient services of the abdominal surgery is the part of Consultative Outpatient Department. Patients with all surgical abdominal disorders are consulted, tested and followed-up in this department, patient for elective and urgent in-patient diagnostic procedures and treatment are selected. In case of indeterminate diagnosis patients are consulted on specialized consultation days (liver, pancreas, biliary tract, esophagus and stomach, obesity, colon, hernias , thyroid and endocrine diseases by professors or abdominal surgery doctors of highest qualification.
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