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Creation of ELI (electronic case-history) – hospitals information system, includes many institutions functions: ambulatory registration, reception, patient movement, operation control, archives radiological pictures, tests results account, quality control, statistical forms and epicrisis filling, giving information about hospital beds in use, patient search and movement monitoring, laboratory’s IS, public procurement, medical equipment account. In the hospital, there had been set: a modern computer network, a wireless internet, installed IP phone network.

There are 30 multipurpose servers, over 1000 personal computers, 500 printers, scanners in hospitals disposal. Installed a medical pictures archive (PACS), where information from different medical equipment is gathered.

While attending Interreg - a radiological project, expensive VPN equipment was purchased, enabling connection to European medical computer networks (Baltic Health Network), as well, as from doctors’ personal computers at home.

Radio station “Santariškių radijas“started operating in August 2004.

Line regulation systems were installed in consultation polyclinic and reception departments.

IPC (internet patient card) created – a unique system, that might be used nationwide, which gives the opportunity for patients or their authorized doctor to read a case-history in any country.

Installed teleconference equipment, which connects operation rooms, auditoriums.


Preliminary patient registration system (PPRS) – national patient registration system uniting 60 medical institutions.

Centre was actively engaged in EU SF financed East Lithuanian cardiologic project (ELCP)

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