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Departments and subdepartments


Informatics and statistics department


Head of the department – dr Dalia Petrauskienė

Informatics and statistics department manages information about ambulotary, stationary and rehabilitation treatments, forms and presents statistical medical data, manages the archive of medical documents, due to the request of institutions or peoples personal needs, according to the existing law system, forms and presents required medical documentation. Currently there are 30 people working at this department.


IT department


Head of the department – Lina Barzdaitė

IT department takes care of the installation, support and upgrade of hardware and telecomunications. Highly qualified workers of the department are responsible for a computer network, consisting of more than 2000 hospitals computers and other medical equipment, a medical network uniting 60 medical institutions, IP telephones, wireless internet, 30 servers, that contain information systems (IS) responsible for a great share of hospitals processes. Department actively engages in development of hospitals infrastructure, work processes. Department also engages in hospitals IT projects. Currently there are 17 workers employed.

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