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Scientific activity


Radiology center publishes 20-22 articles each year in peer review Republic and international scientific journals. Radiology center staff members delivered lectures London, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Vienna, Erfurt, Chicago, Greifswald, Brussel, Berlin and other scientific conferences. 15 radiology books published since 1980. Picture Archiving and Communications System installed, 10 telemedice confereces with Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Latvia and Estia radiology physicians. Center staff members participate in planning every two years Baltic radiology congress.


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Academic - scientific staff
Prof., MD  Algirdas Edvardas Tamošiūnas
Prof., MD Nomeda Rima Valevičienė
Assos. prof., MD Jūratė Dementavičienė.
Lector, MD Artūras Samuilis
Lector, MD Birutė Gricienė
Assistent Dileta Rutkauskaitė
Assistent Jolanta Stankevičienė
Assistent Darius Palionis
Assistent, MD Mindaugas Matačiūnas
Assistent Virginija Augaitienė
Assistent Ramūnas Valančius
Doctoral students: Dileta Rutkauskaitė, Donatas Vajauskas, Andrius Brazaitis
Scientific papers
  • Completed doctoral dissertation research:     
  • 2012 MD, Mindaugas Matačiūnas “Application and evaluation of cardiopulmonary computed tomography       angiography in the diagnosis of pulmonary arterial thromboembolism”
  • 2011 MD, Artūras Samuilis “Anatomical variants of the hepatic arteries and their influence on       superior mesenteric artery hemodynamics”.
  • 2005 MD, Božena Daškevičienė “Value of CT and MRI effectiveness in       Multiple sclerosis diagnostics ”.
  • 2003 Assos. prof. Jūratė Dementavičienė “Intracranial arteries CTA imaging value for       cerebrovascular pathology diagnostics”.
  • 1999 Prof. Algirdas Edvardas Tamošiūnas “Dopler       sonography of portal hypertension”.
  • 1995 Prof. Nomeda Valevičienė “Nasal cavity, nasopharynx and       paranasal sinuses malignant tumors roentgen diagnostics”.
 Radiology department section of oncology and abdominal imaging participate in research:  
   - CT colonography value in cancer detection;
   - Kidney cystic lesions differential diagnosis based on contrast enhanced CT and ultrasonography.
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