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Departments, subdepartments and diseases


I Radiology department

Head assos. Prof. Jūratė Dementavičienė

I radiology department provides qualified imaging services for Lithuania Republic residents:

1) Roentgenodiagnostic imaging, like roentgenoscopy, roentgenography, tomography, roentgen controled interventions. We provide full range roentgenoscopy of gastrointestinal tract:
-        Oesophagus roentgenoscopy,
-        Stomach roentgenoscopy,
-        Abdominal roentgenoscopy,
-        Small intestine roentgenoscopy,
-        Follow through roentgenoscopy,
-        Retrograde irrigoscopy of the colon.
-        Other anatomical organs and systems roentgenoscopy - pharingoscopy and -graphy, dynamic rectum imaging – defecoscopy and -graphy, urinary tract imaging – uretroscopy and -graphy and others. Roentgenoscopy provided on demand and during interventions and surgical procedures.
2) CT imaging: head and neck, musculosceletal, chest, abdominal and pelvic.
3) MR imaging: head, musculosceletal, abdominal and pelvic.

MR specialized imaging section

Senior co-ordinator radiology physician prof. Nomeda Rima Valevičienė. Section surveys: MR evaluation of cardiovascular anatomy in adults, children and infants, dobutamine function and adenosine perfusion, vascular malformations, chest, head and others. Anesthetic equipment allows to perform MRI under general anesthesia.

II radiology department

Head radiology physician Ramūnas Valančius. 20 staff members: 6 radiology physicians, 1 sonographer, 1 radiology physicians assistant, 10 radiology technologists, medical receptionost for roentgen archives, economic affair of the manager, 3 assistant staff. II Radiology department provides a wide range of diagnostic imaging services: roentgen imaging - chest roentgenoscopy and roentgenography, gastrointestinal tract roentgenoscopy and roentgenography, musculosceletal roentgenoscopy and roentgenography, fistulography, cholangiography, histerosalpingography; sonography - thyroid, cerebrovascular, breast, chest, abdominal, renal, musculosceletal, vascular, ultrasound guided interventions; CT imaging provided under the contract Ltd. ”MCT”: head and neck, chest, abdominal and pelvic, musculosceletal.

III radiology department
Head radiology physician Mindaugas Matačiūnas. III radiology department provides cardiovascular, pulmonary and chest CT imaging in adults, children and infants.
III radiology department oncology and abdominal imaging section
Senior co-ordinator radiology physician Dileta Rutkauskaitė. Provides whole body CT imaging for oncologic patients, specialised abdominal and pelvic CT and MRI.
Ultrasonography department
Head of ultrasonography department Artūras Samuilis, MD. Provides evaluation of thyroid, breast, abdominal organs and vascular (abdominal aorta branches; exstracranial vascular color doppler sonography; renal vesels color doppler sonography; color doppler sonography of renal transplant; lower limb vascular color doppler sonography and segmental limb flow pressures velocity; lower limb veins doppler sonography; upper limb veins doppler sonography; portal vein sonography) imaging.
Nuclear Medicine department
Head radiology physician Donatas Vajauskas.
Nuclear Medicine department offers a variety of exams:
  • thyroid, parathyroid diseases, adrenergic and neuroendocrine tumors;
  • evaluate bones for fractures, infection, arthritis and tumors;
  • myocardial perfusion scan, visualize heart function, adrenergic innervation;
  • brain perfusiosn scan, DaTSCAN for Parcinsonism evaluation;
  • lymphoscintigraphy and detection of sentinel lymph node;
  • identify gastrointestinal bleeding, evaluate gastric evacuation, ectopic gastric mucosa;
  • idenify liver hemangiomas, evaluate liver function;
  • hybrid oncologic and cardiologic imaging;
  • scan lungs for respiratory and blood flow problems;
  • analyze kidney function and obstruction;

Two wards at the Nuclear medicine department provides accomodation for therapeutic procedures with radiopharmaceuticals. radioisothope therapy:

  • paliative bone metastasis treatment;
  • radioactive iodine treatment for an overactive thyroid;

Nuclear medicine department has an ultrasound system GE LOGIQ 9 which fusion tool gives the ability to merge real-time ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MR or ultrasound images. With an ultrasound system oncologic patients, endocrinologic diseases are examined, monitoring interventional procedures.

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