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Scientific activity


The centre is always engaged in scientific activity. The most important topics include interstital pulmonary diseases (sarcoidosis, idiopathic interstitial pneumonia, eosinophilic pneumonia, etc), pleural diseases (parapneumotic, malign, tuberculous and other types of pleuritis) research, drug allergies, chronic Urticaria, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and the pathogenesis, diagnosis, progression and treatment of pneumonia. The Center of Pulmonology and Allergology also regularly carries out both commercial (pharmaceutical company-funded) and non-commercial clinical trials. The workers at the center have completed 9 scientific doctors' dissertations, 2 habilitated scientific doctors' dissertations, and 1 habilitation process. One medical doctor's scientific dissertation is currently being prepared. Completed medical science doctoral dissertations include - “The pathogenetic and clinical aspects of penicillin allergies in patients suffering from non-specific pulmonary diseases” (Audra Blažienė, 1987), “The role of fungus in patients suffering from respiratory system allergosis” (Marius Zolubas, 1992), “Early diagnosis and correction of bronchial permeability disorders in the relatively healthy and in patients suffering from protracted acute bronchitis” (Remigijus Valdemaras Nargėla, 1993), “the comparison of methods for evaluating endobronchitis in patients suffering from chronic bronchitis” (Edvardas Danila,1999), “Evaluation of the quality of life of patients suffering from bronchial asthma” (Aleksandras Balbieris, 2001), “The diagnostic value of pleural fluid test methods” (Rolandas Zablockis, 2003), “Basophil CD63 marker test significance in drug allergy diagnosis” (Violeta Kvedarienė, 2008), “Diagnostic significance of autoreactive indicators for patients suffering from chronic urticaria” (Anželika Chomičienė, 2009), and “The effects of bronchial inflammation on pulmonary function in patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases” (Virginija Šileikienė, 2013).

Completed habilitated medical science doctoral dissertations include - “Complex pathogenetic testing of various bronchial asthma tests” (Bronislovas Šatkauskas, 1991), (The evaluation of the functional condition of the respiratory system in individuals with heightened levels of motor activity” (Artūras Andžiulis, 2001). In 2009, Edvardas Danila completed the habilitation procedure with a thesis on “Evaluation of interstitial pulmonary disease diagnostic methods.”

The Center for Pulmonology and Allergology's workers prepare scientific conferences every year, at least two of which are national. The center's physicians have read more than several hundred announcements at national and international conferences and congresses, published several hundred scientific articles, and have published dozens of textbooks, educational books and methodical recommendations. You will find the past year's most important publications below:

Articles Published in the ISI Web of Science Journals in 2001-2013


1. Lebel B, Messaad D, Kvedarienė V, Rongier M, Bousquet J, Demoly P. Cysteinyl-leukotriene release test (CAST) in the diagnosis of immediate drug reactions. Allergy 2001; 56(7): 688–692.
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19. Danila E, Norkūnienė J, Nargėla R, Žurauskas E, Šatkauskas B, Aleksonienė R. Manifestation peculiarities of idiopathic chronic eosinophilic pneumonia. Cent Eur J Med 2010; 5: 75–82.
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