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Medics of centre

Professor Algirdas Venalis, MD, PhD. Graduated from Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine in 1977. Defended doctoral thesis in 1982.Defendeddissertationforhabilitateddoctordegreein 1996. Proffesor at Vilnius Universitysince 2000.Head of the Clinic of Rheumatology, Traumatology, Orthopedics and Reconstructive Surgery at Vilnius University since 1992. Director of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Meidcine (now – State Research Institute, Center for Innovative Medicine) since 1994. Had a fellowship at Cleveland University Hospital, department of Rheumatology and Immunology, USA, Rheumatology department of Medical School Upsala University, Sweden, Rheumatology Department of Oslo Diakonhjemment hospital, Norway. Professor A.Venalis is the co-author of 100 and more scientific as well as popular articles and methodological tools for teaching, supervisor of rhe umatologyresidents and post-graduatestudents. Professor was long time president of Lithuanian Association of Rheumatologists, at present is member of the board. A.Venalis is member of EULAR standing committee for clinical trials, WHO expert.
Prof. Jolanta Dadonienė, MD, PhD (HP). Rheumatologist since 1983. In 1991 defended doctoral thesis at Minsk University. In 2007 for the habilitation procedure provided an overview concerning vasculitis and other rare connective tissue diseases. The main clinical and scientific research interests focus on systemic connective tissue diseases, vasculitis, methodology of scientific work and quality of its performance. Prof. J. Dadonienė takes part actively in scientific research projects. The main projects are the multicenter project evaluating the prevalence of osteoporosis among middle age women and the project concerning cardiovascular functional and structural alterations in rheumatic diseases. Prof. J. Dadonienė also teaches the scientific research methodology at Vilnius University. Prof. J.Dadoniene is the President of Lithuanian Association of Rheumatologists since 2014. Sigita Stropuvienė, MD, PhD    Rheumatologist since 2000. Main clinical and research interest focuses on diagnostics and treatment of undifferentiated autoimmune arthritis. Defended doctoral thesis in 2006 and developed the main prognostic features that predict the bad outcome of early rheumatoid arthritis. Recently carried out projects: antibodies against citrullinated peptides and their relation to prescribed treatment, and cardiovascular changes in patients with rheumatic diseases. Coducts clinical trials concerning rheumatic diseases.
Ass. prof. Rita Rugienė, MD, PhD. Rheumatologist since 2001. In 2005 defended doctoral thesis about the life quality of patients with rheumatic diseases. Since 2006 takes part in scientific research at State Research Institute, Center for Innovative Medicine. Since 2008 is a lecturer at Faculty of Medicine in Vilnius University. The main scientific interest is focused on systemic sclerosis research, rheumatic paraneoplasic syndromes, fotoactivating areas in damaged joints in rheumatoid arthritis. R. Rugienė conducts clinical trial concerning amyloidosis. Member of EUSTAR group.
Danutė Povilėnaitė, MD, PhD. Rheumatologist since 1996. Doctoral thesis defended in 2006 about amyloidosis diagnostics and main clinical features in rheumatoid arthritis patients.Conducts clinical trials concerning rheumatic diseases. Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine students‘ Rheumatology scientific circle leader. VUH Santaros Klinikos amyloidosis board member – since 2012.
Auksuolė Juodvalkienė. Rheumatologist since 1977. The main field of research interest focuses on autoimmune arthritis, reactive arthritis and osteoporosis. Doctor conducts clinical trials concerning rheumatic diseases.
Dalia Miltinienė, MD, PhD. Rheumatologist since 2004. In 2009 defended doctoral thesis about the prevalence of autoimmune rheumatic diseases in Lithuania (Vilnius). Main research interests focuses on the cardiovascular complications of systemic diseases. Conducts clinical trials concerning rheumatic diseases.
Inesa Arštikytė. Rheumatologist since 2009. The main field of interest focuses on biological therapy for rheumatic diseases, the efficiency and side effects of biological medications. I. Arštikytė takes part in establishment of the data base of Lithuania‘s rheumatic diseases biological therapy. She participates in clinical research: treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondyloarthritis and gout with biologicals and treatment opportunities of amyloidosis.
Jelena Ranceva. Rheumatologist since 1994. The main research interest field is reactive arthritis. J.Ranceva participates in clinical research.
Palma Girčienė. Long - time doctor of rheumatology center. P. Girčienė was a chief of consultation policlinics and continuesto work as a rheumatologist at policlinics.
Diana Karpec – rheumatologist since 2013. Post-graduate student in the field of rheumatology since October 2013. The main field of scientific interest – systemic connective tissue diseases. D.Karpec is EMEUNET (EMergingEUlarNETwork) working group member and Lithuania representative. Conducts clinical trials in the field of rheumatology.
Ieva Talijūnienė – rheumatologist since 2014. Had a few years of education as a medical geneticist. Conducted a scientific research in the field of osteoporosis. Member of EMEUNET. Conducts clinical trials in the field of rheumatology.
Regina Šakalytė – rheumatologist since 2014. Post-graduate student in the field of rheumatology since October 2014. The main field of scientific interest – early undifferentiated arthritis. Had a fellowship in Helsinky University, Biomedicum research centre.
Rūta Laučiuvienė – rheumatologist since 2008. Rheumatologist at the consultation policlinics of VUH Santaros Klinikos since 2013. Fields of interest: reactive arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis. Conducts clinical trials.


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