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Every year Medical Genetics Center is contacted by around 7000 people, and provides around 5000 genetic consultations. Around 3000 of those include full laboratory diagnostics of inherited diseases and congenital malformations.

In the Department of Prenatal Diagnostics up to 6000 non-invasive ultrasound examinationsfor up to 3000 pregnancies, around 1500 (I and II trimester of pregnancy) biochemical analyses of blood serum and around 400 prenatal invasive procedures(amniocentesis, chorionic villi sampling) are performed yearly. The majority of the consulted patients (around 40%) consists of women over the age of 35 who have an increased risk of delivering a child with a chromosomal disease.

The Cytogenetics Laboratoryperforms around 900 chromosomal tests every year. The determined mutations of chromosomes of the constitutional karyotype are unique and therefore are revised by using specific molecular cytogeneticmarkers for each patient.

Phenyketonuria and congenital hypothyroidismare serious diseases which, if the treatment is delayed or if they are left untreated, cause severe mental retardation and impaired physical development. If the patients affected by these diseases are treated within the first month from their birth, they retain normal physical and mental development. The Laboratory for Neonatal Screening annually tests around 32000 newborns and diagnoses 10 to 16 new cases of these diseases, therefore helping the diagnosed patients avoid mental and physical disability.

Every year there is an increase in the amount of consultations,performed tests and introduced new diagnostic methods for the diagnostics of inherited metabolic disordersin the Center for Medical Genetics.

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