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Doctors of Centre



The 1st Department of Abdominal Surgery 

Head of the surgical department, abdominal surgeon, assoc. prof. Eligijus Poškus, MD. Assoc. prof. E.Poškus works in Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos surgical clinic since its very beginning in 1983. He is the head of 1st Department of Abdominal Surgery since 1991. During this period assoc. prof. E.Poškus mastered various surgical treatment options and application of modern surgical techniques. He is interested in oncologic surgery, especially in the colorectal surgery field. Here he embraced the minimally invasive approach. Poskus 
Abdominal surgeon, Vytautas Lipnickas, MD. Dr. V. Lipnickas is interested in abdominal wall and diaphragmatic hernia repair, especially the laparoscopic approach. The other areas of interest are surgical treatment of oesophageal, gastric and intestinal diseases. Dr. V. Lipnickas speaks Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.  Lipnickas
Abdominal surgeon, Marius Paškonis, MD. At age of 33 Dr. M. Paškonis defended MD thesis. He performs all abdominal surgical operations. Dr. M. Paškonis specialises in liver and biliary tract surgery, abdominal organ transplantation, interventional sonography. He gained experience in University of Heidelberg (Germany), University of Zurich (Switzerland), University of Warsaw (Poland) surgical clinics. Dr. M. Paškonis speaks fluently English, Russian. From 2007 he is a member of European Society for Organ Transplantation and International Hepato-Pancreato-Bilary Association. In 2008 Dr. M. Paškonis became a member of Lithuanian Minimally Invasive Surgery Society.  Paskonis
Abdominal surgeon, assoc. prof. Vitalijus Sokolovas, MD. At age of 31 Dr. V. Sokolovas defended MD thesis. He performs all abdominal surgical operations. Dr. V. Sokolovas specializes in liver and biliary tract surgery, abdominal organ transplantation, minimally invasive surgery. He gained experience in Berlin and Hanover (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Kristianstad (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland) surgical clinics. V. Sokolovas speaks English, Russian, Polish.  Sokolovas
Abdominal surgeon, Elena Zdanyte - Sruogienė, MD. Dr. Elena Zdanytė – Sruogienė graduated from Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine with honors. She was awarded with „GRŪDTARNA“ prize for scientific projects of surgical residents. After completion of abdominal surgery training, Dr. Elena Zdanytė – Sruogienė joined the team of the Centre of Abdominal surgery, in 2005 defended MD thesis. She is a member of Lithuanian Minimally Invasive Surgery Society, European Association for Endoscopic Surgery, European Pancreatic Club.  Zdanyte-Sruogiene

The 2nd Department of Abdominal Surgery

Head of the surgical department, abdominal surgeon, Valdemaras Jotautas, MD. Dr. V. Jotautas specializes in colorectal and minimaly invasive surgery. He is the first in Lithuania to use transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM), proposed technical improvements of this procedure.  Jotautas

Abdominal surgeon, prof. Virgilijus Beiša, MD. Prof. V. Beiša specializes in endocrine surgery, the surgical treatment of thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal gland, pancreatic endocrine tumors. He performs open and minimally invasive procedures: video assisted and endoscopic via single or multiple incisions.

Abdominal surgeon, Saulius Mikalauskas, MD. Dr. S. Mikalauskas is an abdominal surgeon, endoscopist, transplantologist. He gained experience in Germany, performed in vivo testing in experimental setting. Dr. S. Mikalauskas defended the MD theses in University of Heidelberg, Germany, which were nostrificated by Research Council of Lithuania.  Mikalauskas
Abdominal surgeon Andrius Montvila. Dr. A. Montvila performs most of the common surgical procedures. He is interested in video production, photography. Dr. A. Montvila speaks English, Russian.  Montvila
Abdominal surgeon Anatolijus Ostapenko. Dr. A. Ostapenko was born in 1960. He is a licensed abdominal and general surgeon and works in Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos from 1983. From 1984 he works in II Department of Abdominal Surgery. During this period he mastered various surgical treatment options and application of modern surgical techniques. Dr. A. Ostapenko is interested in endocrine and minimally invasive surgery, is involved in colorectal surgery, anterior abdominal and postoperative hernia repair.  Ostapenko
Abdominal surgeon, prof. Audrius Šileikis, MD. Dr. A. Šileikis specializes in pancreatic pathology, has 3 ISI publications, 1 monograph, 5 publications in other peer reviewed journals. He has introduced a new clinical practice guideline for treatment of acute pancreatitis, invented new techniques of minimally invasive pancreatic surgery, initiated pancreas – kidney transplantation programme in Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos. Dr. A. Šileikis is also interested in endocrine, neuroendocrine surgery, oncogenetics, and development of innovative approaches to optimise treatment strategies of oncological diseases. He is an active member of surgical societies, is involved in preparation of clinical guidelines. Dr. A. Šileikis communicates fluently in English, Russian, German, French languages.  Sileikis
Abdominal surgeon, assoc. prof. Gintaras Simutis, MD. Prof. G. Simutis is one of the pioneers and developers of laparoscopic surgery in Lithuania since 1992. He works in the area of innovative solutions (telemedicine, virtual surgery simulation) and application of new technologies in surgery (laser surgery, energy saving illumination of solid bodies in operating theatre). His research covers the efficacy of application of minimally invasive approach in abdominal surgery. Prof. G. Simutis modernized the surgical training in Vilnius University ( He is the founder of „Clinic of Prophylactic Stomatology“.  Simutis
Abdominal surgeon Andrius Rybakovas Dr. A. Rybakovas works as a surgeon for 10 years, performs abdominal surgery operations, gastrointestinal endoscopies. He can speak English and Russian.
Abdominal surgeon doctorate candidate Andrius Karpavičius. Dr. A. Karpavičius is a licensed general and abdominal surgeon. From 2011.10.01 he is an doctorate candidate in Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine Clinic of Gastroenterology, Nephrourology and Surgery; he analyses the significance of inflamatory markers in rapid assessment of severity of acute pancreatitis. His areas of interest are minimally invasive, laparoscopic, hernia surgery, endoscopy, pancreatic pathology. He communicates fluently in Russian, has good English language skills.      
Assoc. prof.  General surgeon Tomas Poškus   


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