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History of the centre


Vilnius University Hospital (VUH) Santaros Klinikos Centre of Abdominal surgery was founded in 1983. It consisted of 2 Departments of Abdominal surgery. From 1983 to 1990 VUH Santariškių klinikos Centre of Abdominal surgery had the name of Vilnius University Department of Surgery (director prof. A. Sviklius), from 1990 to 2002 it was named Clinic of abdominal surgery (director prof. A. Bubnys). From 2002 the clinic changed its name and became a part of Clinic of Gastroenterology and abdominal surgery; in 2006 the name was changed to Clinic of Gastroenterology, Nephrourology and Surgery in Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine. From 1992 the centre and newly founded clinic is lead by prof. K. Strupas. 

The 1st Department of Abdominal Surgery was opened on 1st of January, 1983. Dr. A. Blažys was appointed the head of the department. From 1990 assoc. prof. E.Poškus became the head of the department.

The 2nd Department of Abdominal Surgery was opened on 1st of March, 1984. Dr. T. Ivanauskas was the head of the department until 1992. From 1992 prof. V. Beiša became the head of the department.

A lot of surgeons were invited for clinical and educational work in newly established surgical clinic: prof. V. Lapinskas, prof. A. Pronskus, prof. L. Noreika, prof. B. Dainys, assoc. prof. B. Kazlauskas, R. Segalis, S. Vaidakavičius, V. Kryžauskas, A. Norvaišis, MD, A. Blažys, T. Ivanauskas, E. Mikulskis, G. Aukštakalnis, R. Maskelis,. A. Gradauskas, MD,  D. Ribokas, MD, A. Užkalnis, MD, J. Umbrasas, V. Valiukėnas, S. Kalenrda.
There are surgeons, who have been working in the clinic since its foundation, but the team is constantly renewed.

B. Jucevičius (from 1983 ), E.  Poškus (from 1983 ), V. Beiša (from 1983 ), A. Ostapenko (from 1983 ), V. Jotautas (from 1984 ), G. Simutis (from 1991 ),  S. Jurevičius (from 1993 ), V. Lipnickas (from 1993 ), G. Brimas (from 1994 ), P. Žeromskas (from 1995 ), A. Šileikis (from 1995 ), V. Brimienė (from 1997 ), V. Sokolovas (from 1998 ), A. Montvila (from 1998 ), E. Zdanytė (from 2000 ), M. Paškonis (from 2005 ), J. Jurgaitis (from 2005 ), S. Mikalauskas (from 2010 ).

There is ongoing teaching of Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine students, training of surgical residents and postgraduate training of physicians. Over 200 students, 50 surgical residents and up to 100 physicians study  in the Centre of Abdominal Surgery every year.

The innovative surgical procedures, performed in VUH Santaros Klinikos, were the first to be performed  in Lithuania and the Baltic states: laparoscopic cholecystectomy 1991, surgical treatment of obesity 1995, liver transplantation 2001, retroperitoneoscopic adrenal and minimally invasive thyroid surgery 2004, transanal endoscopic microsurgery 2005, laparoscopic pancreatic surgery, surgical treatment of obstipation 2006, kidney-pancreas transplantation 2008, endoluminal resection of colorectal tumors 2009,  HIPEC 2011.

The following areas of surgery are being researched and developed  in VUH Santaros Klinikos Centre of Abdominal surgery: minimally invasive surgery, oncology, transplantation.

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