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History of the centre


Department of anaesthesiology and intensive care at Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos (VUH SK) was founded in 1981, in 1990 with Vilnius University Medical Faculty scientific research was started. In 1994 pain clinic was founded by Dr. Janė Baublienė, with cooperation of L. Granu (Norway), C. Saunders (UK), C.Wells (UK), T.Nash (UK), prof. M.Luczak (Poland), M. Hilger, S. Bjorg (Norway), prof. T.Nurmikko (UK), prof. R. Variakojyte (USA), J.V. Prunskis (USA).
Anaesthesiology and intensive care is closely connected with other medical specialties.
Centre of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Therapy and Pain Management employs 304 specialists and is one of the biggest centres of medical care in Lithuania, working 24/7.
Centre of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Therapy and Pain Management is also important educational place for residents, students, trainees, nurses.
Considerably big part of our employees has doctoral degree and continues to carry out scientific research.
More than 15000 anaesthesias are performed during the year for patients at cardiothoracic, abdominal, genitourinary, otolaryngologic, ophthalmic operations, including anaesthesias for heart, kidney and liver transplantations.
Intensive care units provide intensive care for 3000   patients requiring very intensive support and monitoring every year.
One of CAITPM divisions is Pain treatment day care department (pain clinic), founded in 1994.  Department of paediatric anaesthesiology and intensive care is the only place in Lithuania, where the aid is given to newborns and infants requiring cardiac surgery or diagnostic, interventional procedures.

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