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Scientific activity


• Kidney transplantation. Since 1970, over 1300 kidney transplantations have been performed. Experience acquired here is the most significant among all Baltic States. Patients from Ukraine, Russia come here for renal transplantation. About 200 renal transplantations from a live donor have been performed at the Centre. People live for 25 or more years after renal transplantation.
• General nephrology and arterial hypertension. Unique schemes of arterial hypertension treatment have been suggested. For the first time in Lithuania new treatment methods for ischemic kidney disease have been implemented: angioplastic surgery of kidney arteries and renal artery stenting,.
• A data-base of renal biopsies (over 800) and their clinical relations – the biggest in the Baltic states.
• In 2008 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marius Miglinas and a surgeon Dr. Saulius Jurevicius have been trained at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, USA) under the guidance of Prof. David Sutherland.  They have been trained in the field of simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation. Soon thereafter upon their return back to Lithuania the first simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplantation was performed. The multi-disciplinary team was lead by Prof. Kestutis Strupas.

In 2003, PhD. M. Miglinas and assoc. prof. V. Razukas in cooperation with other co-authors published the first nephrology textbook in Lithuania “Kidney diseases”.

In 2005, Assoc. Prof. V. Razukas published a scientific monograph “Acute renal insufficiency” in which he summarized his several-decades experience acquired examining and treating patients suffering from acute renal insufficiency.


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