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History of the centre


The beginning of the Centre of Nephrology should be dated to 2006, when the Centre of Nephrology and Urology was split into two separate centres. The Head of the Centre of Nephrology since it’s establishment in 2006 is prof. Marius Miglinas. There were two separate departments at that time: Dialysis and Kidney transplantation department (Dr. Rasa Dobrovolskiene) and Department of General Nephrology, director was Dr. M. Miglinas, later – Dr. Dalia Alekniene, also consulting cabinets in the Consultancy clinic (ordinator – Dr. Loreta Vareikiene). After the reorganisation of Nephrology Centre in 2010 there were established two departments: Dialysis department, led by Dr. Lilija Supranaviciene and Nephrology department, led by Dr. Dalia Alekniene, which was later renamed as Nephrology and Kidney transplantation department.

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