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Scientific activitie

Five Doctor of Medical Science dissertations were maintained in the Centre, whereas four more is under way. In 2003, a conference of the European Association of Teachers in General Practice (EURACT) was organized in Vilnius. Family Medicine Center staff efforts in 2007 September 27 - 30 December Lithuania took place in the 27 family medicine research network (EGPRN) Congress.
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Directions of scientific research and participation in projects:
Lithuanian population genetic diversity and structure changes, related to the evolution of the most prevalent diseases (LITGEN project) (V. Kasiulevičius, N.Burokienė).
Diagnostics and treatment of ostheoporosis in cases of seronegative spondiloarthropathies (L. Vencevičienė).
Primary arterial hypertension of adolescent and early atherosclerosis (doctorant student K.Simanauskas).
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