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Departments, subdepartments and diseases


The Centre of Family Medicine is comprised of Family Doctor Offices (Chief Ordinator Lina Vencevičienė), Offices of Odontologist of General Practice and Tooth Prosthesis (Chief Ordinator Zita Vitosytė), family doctor's office of Defence service (Chief Ordinator Asta Lapėnienė) and Office of Primary mental health care (psychiatrist Junona Mackevičiūtė). Services provided by the doctors working at the Centre of Family Medicine are available to everybody and encompass all groups of citizens, regardless of age, gender, social status or other factors. Primary health care is not restricted to one episode of treatment; health is monitored over the entire life. Family doctors take care of the patients' treatment as well as health protection and improvement and prophylaxis of diseases. A family doctor is the first contact person, to whom the patients address their problems. A family doctor makes a decision regarding further care and treatment tactics for the patient, cooperats with other specialists of the hospital, is aware and notifies the patient of all possible means of assistance and their availability.

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