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ENT center contains:
•  ENT unit in surgical block of the hospital (headed by doc. Mindaugas Petrulionis, head nurse Dalia Riabovienė)
•  ENT section in Consultative Out Patient Department (head- Aistė Paškonienė).
In ENT unit, not only scheduled surgical services for adults and children are provided, but also urgent help for patients from Vilnius and its surroundings. ENT section in Consultative Out Patient Department offers wide spectrum of consultations, and hearing aids’ adjustment for adults.
ENT department consists of 30 - bed unit, 3 operating rooms with modern equipment (microscopes, videoendoscopes, laser, etc) and inspection room fitted with up-to-date diagnostic sets that provide a possibility of screen imaging and archiving endoscopic views.
All otorhinolaryngology fields in the center are expanded in clinical and scientific way. The main focus of this department is otology and otosurgery. Our center is one of the largest otosurgery centers in Baltic countries, according to the sophistication, width and number of operations. Over 500 difficult ears’ operations are performed annually. The spectrum of the operations includes all reconstructive, hearing improvement operations (tympanoplasty, ossiculoplasty, stapedoplasty, ear revision surgery and other). VUH Santaros klinikos. ENT center is the major department in Lithuania where operations like cochlear implantation and other are performed, therefore deaf patients regain hearing. Our specialists not only perform those challenging operations, but also are often invited to consult and share their knowledge and experience in international scientific events.
Surgery of nose and paranasal sinuses is another important clinical field of ENT center. Comprehensive spectrum of endoscopic modern operations is performed, for example: ethmoidotomy for conditions like chronic and complicated sinusitis, extirpation of nasal tumours, dacriocistostomia or orbit decompression operations.
Managing of voice diseases and larynx surgery also take a significant place in ENT center. Voice diseases are diagnosed by modern aerodynamic and acoustic voice measurements: electroglottography, laryngoscopy, stroboscopy and videolaringoscopy.
Though major focus of ENT unit is difficult endoscopic and microscopic operations, daily otorhinolaryngology services and ordinary operations are provided there too. Adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, septoplasty or uvulopalatoplasty operations are performed constantly. Approximately 3000 patients are treated and 2500 of them are being operated in ENT unit annually.
In ENT Consultative Out Patient Department 10 000 patients are consulted, 5000 audiological tests are done and about 600 hearing aids are adjusted annually.

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