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History of centre


The faculty of medicine in Vilnius University was established in 1781. Otorhinolaryngology was lectured by well known professors like J. Briote and J. Frank. During occupation in 1923 polish professor J. Šmurlo established a clinic of otorhinolaryngology. 1925 ENT clinic had 31 beds, an operating room, auditorium, dispensary, museum and library. When Vilnius was given back to Lithuania, polish specialists left Lithuania and there were no practising ENT specialist in the capital at that time all. That is why ENT clinic was later restored „ab initio“. Pranas Pakonaitis came to lead ENT cathedral. In 1949 Eyes and ENT cathedrals were connected, further on 1953 this cathedral was affiliated to the cathedral of general surgery in the faculty of medicine (head- K. Katilius). Pranas Pakonaitis took part as a leader of ENT course since 1944 till 1953. Later, on 1956, after graduating post-graduate studentship in Moscow, docent M. Sakalinskas returned to Vilnius University and became a leader of ENT course. After Lithuania recovered independency, in 1990, the Clinic of Ear, Nose and Throat was established, docent R. Kašinskas elected as a leader. On 2002 it was reorganised to Vilnius University hospital Santariskiu Klinikos (curr. Santaros Klinikos), EENT clinic and ENT center, that is leaded by current head, professor Eugenijus Lesinskas.

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