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The Center of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery consists of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Outpatient department of consultations.

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Department offers second and third level services of plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients from Lithuanian and abroad. Emergency and scheduled assistance to adults and children is also provided. Since the incorporation of the department in 1982, emergency services have been available 24/7.

The main areas of expertise at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:

I. Reconstructive surgery

1. Breast reconstructive surgery after surgical treatment of cancer: breast reconstruction after mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery.
2. Reconstructive surgery of extremities, chest, and waist to treat lesions of the skin (soft tissue) or bones after traumas or removal of malignant tumors or to treat congenital anomalies (Poland syndrome, etc).
3. Head and neck reconstructive surgery: acquired pathology, e.g. facial paralysis due to facial nerve injury, ear, nose and other facial defects caused by traumas, severe ptosis of upper eyelids; congenital conditions, e.g. prominent ears, partial or full malformation of the ear and other deformities.
4. Fat transfer (lipofilling): perfect choice in fixing various physical defects (e.g. breast) after surgical treatment of cancer, traumas or illnesses (e.g. facial hemiatrophy).
5. Reconstructive surgery of genital and urinary tract defects (epispadias, hypospadias).

II. Hand/arm surgery

1. Acute traumas to hands/upper extremities (amputation, multiple injuries of the bones, tendons, nerves and blood vessels).
2. Consequences of traumas to hands/upper extremities (burn scar or trauma caused contracture of shoulder, elbow, hand or other joints; bone, tendon or soft tissue defects after traumas or due to other causes; improperly healed hand bones, radial bone after distal radius fracture or pseudarthrosis; long-bone pseudarthrosis requiring microsurgical bone reconstruction; contractures after traumas or surgical treatment; finger defects after amputations).
3. Deseases of hands/upper extremities (Dupuytren’s contracture, tumors, trigger finger, congenital hand deformities).
4. Replacement of the small hand joints with silicone implants (rheumatoid arthritis of a hand; post-traumatic or deforming arthritis of finger joints).
5. Surgical treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in hands (synovitis of a hand, wrist joint and tendons; deformations of fingers, toes and wrist).
6. Wrist surgery (wrist ligament tear, wrist instability, scapholunate advanced collapse, wrist arthritis, pseudarthrosis of the carpal bones, avascular necrosis of the carpal bones, etc.).

III. Peripheral nerve surgery

1. Traumas to peripheral nerves in the extremities, facial nerve or brachial plexus.
2. Nerve compression syndrome of the extremities: carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, pronator teres, thoracic outlet, peroneal tunnel, tarsal tunnel syndromes, Volkmann's contracture.
3. Peripheral nerve tumors in the extremities.
4. Corrective surgeries of facial paralysis caused by facial nerve injury when revision surgery of the nerve is not advised.
5. Corrective surgeries of drop hand or foot, when revision surgery of the nerves is not advised.

IV. Tumor surgery

1. Removal of benign and malignant soft tissue tumors in the extremities and other body parts (with or without soft tissue reconstruction).
2. Skin lesion surgery: skin cancer, birthmarks, hemangiomas, hypertrophic and keloid scarring, etc.

V. Arthroscopy (minimally invasive surgical procedure)

1. Wrist joint: synovectomy, removal of loose bodies, ganglion cyst, intercarpal ligament repair, TFCC repair or resection, resection arthroplasty of the ulna, radius and carpal bones.
2. Small hand joints: synovectomy, removal of loose bodies and exostoses, resection arthroplasty.
3. Elbow joint: synovectomy, removal of loose bodies, exostoses and adhesions, treatment of cartilage damage.

VI. Aesthetic surgery

- surgery of the face, including nose, ears, eye lids, forehead etc.;
- breast surgery (augmentation, mastopexy, reduction, reconstruction, prophylactic mastectomies with immediate reconstruction);
- abdominoplasty;
- liposuction;
- lipofilling (face, breast) etc.
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